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Available Instruments

I love connecting players with instruments that will suit their artistic sensibilities.  Most of the instruments listed are being sold on consignment.  Please feel free to contact me at any questions. 

2009 Kimble F5

A woody bluegrass axe to the fullest extent.  Supported by Adirondack spruce and hard sugar maple,this mandolin can withstand a heavy hand or lighter touch.  Built true to the Loar style, the tone is focused, throaty and can cut in a band with even the loudest of banjo players.  

The condition is excellent, with only small amounts of normal play wear.  The radiused fretboard is a 1 3/32.  It comes with an Ameritage hardshell case. 


1987 Flatiron A

This is a wonderfully rich sounding instrument with a sustain indicative of its 33 year life.  The notes sing, allowing it to be incredibly versatile for a variety of styles of music.  

The fingerboard is almost flat with only a slight radius measuring around 1 1/8.  It comes with it's original hardshell case.  

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