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I am offering private mandolin and guitar lessons for people of all ages and all skill levels.  If you're curious about the mandolin and want to start from the beginning I can be of great assistance.  If you already play guitar or another instrument and want to develop technique, I can help there as well.  I specialize in bluegrass, fiddle tunes, jazz, Brazilian choro, songwriter styles etc.  I am the 2015 National Mandolin champion, 2011 Rockygrass Mandolin Contest Winner, 2010 Telluride Bluegrass Band Competition Winner, 2009 Graduate of the Berklee College of Music.  I look foward to working with you.  


David Goldenberg is a mandolin player who's singular approach blurs the lines between the adventurous sounds he hears in his head and the most rugged of fundamentals he is enamored of in traditional music.  He is a rare player who maintains a revolving affinity for bluegrass mandolin styles, fiddle tunes and a multitude of songwriters.  As one of the first ever mandolin graduates of the Berklee College of music, he went on to become a winner of the National Mandolin Contest, Telluride Bluegrass Band Contest, Rockygrass Mandolin Contest and Utah State Mandolin Contest.  Teaching has always been a central theme in Goldenberg's desire to connect with people.  He has maintained a roster of students from all levels for the past ten years.  


Photo By: Yiftach Belsky


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